Another Instagram find! I think Mats and I (and everyone we know) was already following ESAYDE for a while before reaching out to see if he’d be interested in drawing some Stinckers. HE WAS INTO IT

“I wanted to try my hand at making actual gags rather than just simply weird imagery which was a new thing for me. I was inspired by wacky packages and other trading cards with cool art from the past. I decided to go with the theme based on wheels / recreational toys mostly because I always enjoy drawing cartoons on skateboards and felt like it was a good thing to start with and it all seemed to come together as I kept sketching more turds on rollerblades, skis etc.”

I’ll say it came together! WEIRDOES ON WHEELS by ESAYDE are already out there in Stincker machines and 3-Packs. NOW you can get 1 of 20 autographed, uncut production sheets HERE.