OH, MAN! WordPress updated to some insanely unworkable “block” format and EVEN THOUGH nobody but me [STEVE] sees these posts (cul-de-sac internet) I was about to throw the whole thing into the trash. “Classic Editor” installed

ANYWAY: NEWS! Isn’t that a pretty new design (above)? Pacolli, Mats and I teamed-up on “Stinckers Class of 2019” and even autographed a few uncut vinyl and paper sheets for you to frame (the bulk are already disappearing quickly into Stincker Machines and 3-Packs everywhere). VISIT SHOP

ALSO: you might notice that sheet is larger than usual (18 vs. our traditional 9 sticker sheet). Mats has installed a semi-automatic press at Morrison Productions and we can not only print sheets 2-up but we’re even able to double that again (more below).

Here’s the 1st test print! A large (18 x 24″) edition of Mats’ recent “Stincker Stud” design. This 3-color print (on 110lb. archival stock) is available for purchase so BUY NOW

Speaking of large, new editions of great Mats designs: TEST PRINT NO. 2! 13 x 20″ + 4-colors on adhesive vinyl. DON’T MISS

REPRINT PROGRAM CONTINUES: Christine Shields’ DARK GODDESSES sold out immediately after release last summer because the world isn’t as completely useless as I’ve been hearing. Stinckers has reprinted this design (in a new colorway) as well as assembling a collection of great Andrew Goldfarb designs: “Slow Poisoner’s Slowest Poisons.” Both of these are already in some machines and 3-packs … we hope Christine and Andrew will sign just a couple of uncut sheets to sell at our shop, but this was mostly just an inventory restonck!

REMEMBER how I said we can print even larger sheets now? Check out our 1st 4-up entry: SUPER-CATS by STEVE! 37 Cats, 1 Dog and 9 Mice on this Giant Size (19 x 27″) sheet. Autographed sheets available soon at the shop (SPRING 2019)

THAT’S ALL FOR NOW! DON’T LEAVE A COMMENT HERE (unless you’re a robot)! FOLLOW OUR IG and FB pages if you wanna talk to us, OK? SEE YA

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