NOW by Jordan Crane


Old Stinckers pal (and occasional contributor) JORDAN CRANE finally turned in a set of his own and IS IT EVER THE DESIGN WE NEEDED!
& RIGHT NOW you can order a signed, uncut production sheet at our store:

— 100% of sales will be donated to the ACLU —

This edition will be open and on sale for ONE WEEK; however many sheets sell before the deadline will decide the edition. Edition and sales will close Friday, September 4th, 9:04PM (PDT) – however many prints sell, that’s the # on the edition.

whatever’s left over will distribute to machines and in Stincker Pax.

PS: are you registered to vote?? Make sure you’re ready to demolish Republicanism! Our reasonably conservative grandparents are dead, and all they left us are right wing uncles and jerk-off Libertarian cousins. Quit Twitter and VOTE