now it’s Summer (2021)


our first design of the summer is called REAR WINDOW BUT WITH CATS by Steven Weissman.

STEVE SAYS: Did I tell you how about the time I tagged along with a couple of friends to see A Room with a View (1985) thinking it was Rear Window (1954) and watched the whole movie thinking someone was about to get murdered?

This is a pretty good way to watch any movie, but NOW’S YOUR CHANCE to buy this completely immersive sticker experience. These should hit Stincker Outlets soon (first batch shipping this week is packets for Mark Pawson’s venerable Disinfotainment distribution (UK) )

SIGNED/NUMBERED sheets available, as usual, on vinyl:


NOW ALSO we’re making one-off misprints available (only 99USD):

ok, STAY COOL this summer and we’re so glad you survived the pandemic – S T I N C K E R S USA