Quarantine Posters + NEW STICKERS


FIRST THINGS FIRST: Mats Stromberg designed this poster for Jakmel Ekspresyon, a non-profit space for arts education in Jacmel, Haiti. Posters were printed at Jakmel, of course, but Mats also produced a small edition for friends in the U.S. AFTER MAKING MINOR ADJUSTMENTS to accommodate the latest guidelines. See, the design began life as:

Remember when elbow bumps were acceptable? Nobody else does, either (that was weeks ago)! OK so pa touché and put on a mask and SUPPORT A GOOD CAUSE (40% of every sale goes directly to Jakmel Ekspresyon).

NEW STICKERS! Stinckers Salvaje are designed by a pair of brilliant artists living in Santiago (Chile), Artichokat (Paz Gazale) + Peiper (Pablo Orrego). Check out that metallic violet!!

info is a little spotty regarding Paz and Pablo but we found them on Instagram They’re on Giphy too and maybe on the streets of Santiago if you look hard enough. They’re very cool, though, and a blast to work with. We’re selling their stinckers in Twin-and-3-Pax (until we can get them into shops again – whenever that is – mail order is it) AND of course we’re selling some Uncut Production Sheets (no autographs, though!)

DON’T BLOW IT: BUY IT!! (and take care of yourselves)

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