Jaime Hernandez has been my favorite cartoonist since my sister left a copy of Love & Rockets in the bathroom when I waaaaaas.. 15? Something like that! Cool older sisters turning their siblings onto underground comix and punk rock is as American as whatever whatever and whatever else, amirite? OK, maybe she wasn’t “cool” per se, but my sister definitely put the work in

WHOA NELLIE! was one of two great Xaime titles to come out in the 1990s (the other was PENNY CENTURY), as Los Brothers were taking a break from their main series. Like most kids, I grew up watching the “wrassles” and always enjoyed the wrestling stories/characters in Love & Rockets. I mean, pro wrestling is as American as whatever I couldn’t think of before and I dare you to tell me different

ANYWAY, Xaime would include fantastic wrestler pinups in each issue of WHOA NELLIE and, for as long as we’ve been making Stinckers, I’ve been [really] bugging him to let us use those pinups for a sticker sheet. Look, I know it’s not cool to distract Xaime while he’s making comics (shut up about your Love & Rockets movie/TV show idea, would ya? He’s busy!) but just hear me out

Oh, hey look: it’s Jordan Crane and Xaime signing their prints. Looking good, you guys!

SO the pinups didn’t really work out. Those beautiful lines got awfully small when we reduced them to our 2.75 x 4″ template and the screens just couldn’t take it! An otherwise perfect first edition had to get chopped down 100% before Xaime agreed to draw replacements, which worked out even better than we imagined. The recent weather wasn’t cooperating, geeze it’s been so hot and smokey, so the black screen kept drying out but we got the WHOA NELLIE sheet printed and sold all the signed sheets before I could even write this post. Thanks Xaime and Fantagraphics! Thanks Mats and Morrison Productions! That’s all